v​/​a Punx Don't Drink Vol. II

by v/a


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Track Name: Sectarian Violence - Conflict of Interest
Budgets strained, outsourced prisons.
Corporate vultures with jurisdiction

Bidding on a barebones facility that will minimize costs maximize efficiency.

Hedging their investments so they lobby for a crackdown.
Ensuring future growth of course they lobby for a crackdown.

Baiting the poor, a war against drugs.
Punishing users with families destroyed.


Privatized and dehumanized,
Record profits pumped back to the source.
Record profits pumped down their fucking throats.

It’s a betrayal of man.
Track Name: Sorry Excuse - Powerless

Pulled the plug
No turning back
life so gone
No life had


Where to start
Where to begin
Given Up
All is lost


I'm so fucking powerless, less, less, so fucking powerless